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Chemistry Experiment

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Physical Chemistry

CHPC001 To determine the specific reaction rate of the hydrolysis of methyl acetate/ethyl acetate catalyzed by hydrogen ions at room temperature.

CHPC002 To prepare arsenious sulphide sol and compare the precipitating power of mono, bi, and trivalent anions.

CHPC003 To determine the surface tension of a given liquid.

CHPC004 To determine the viscosity of amyl alcohol in water at different concentrations and calculate the excess viscosity of these solutions.

CHPC005 To determine the viscosity of a given liquid.

CHPC006 To determine the CST of phenol-water system.

CHPC007 To determine the solubility of benzoic acid at various temperatures and to determine the DH of the dissolution process.

CHPC008 To determine the enthalpy of neutralization of a weak acid/weak base Vs. strong base/strong acid and determine the enthalpy of ionisation of the weak acid/weak base.

CHPC009 To determine the enthalpy of solution of solid calcium chloride.

CHPC010 To study the distribution of iodine between water and CCl4.

Inorganic Chemistry

CHIC001 Gravimetric Analysis- Quantitative estimations of Cu2+ as copper thiocynate and Ni2+ as Ni-dimethylglyoxime.

CHIC002 Colorimetry- To verify Beer-Lambert law for KMnO4/K2Cr2O7 and determine the concentration of the given KMnO4/K2Cr2O7 Solutions.

CHIC003 Preparation- Preparation of cuprous chloride, prussion blue from, iron fillings, tetraamine cupric sulphate, chrome alum, potassium trioxalatochromate (III).

CHIC004 Redox titrations-Determination of Fe2+, C2042- (using KMnO4, KMnO4, K2Cr2O7).

CHIC005 Iodometric titrations- Determination of Cu2+ ( using standard hypo solution).

CHIC006 Complexometric titrations- Determination of Mg2+, Zn 2+ by EDTA.

CHIC007 Precipitation titrations- Determination of CI by Mohr’s and volhard’s method.

CHIC008 To verify Beer’s law for KMnO4 and determine the concentration of an unknown KMnO4 solution colorimetrically.

CHIC009 Paper Chromatography

CHIC010 Qualitative Analysis of the any one of the following inorganic cations and anions by paper chromatography (Pb2+,Cu2+,Cd2+, Ni2+, Cl-, Br-, I-, PO43- and NO3-).

CHIC011 Determination of Flash Point of oil by Pensky-Marten’s apparatus.

CHIC012 Determination of temporary and permanent hardness of water by EDTA method. Provided Standard hard water (1ml S.H.W =1mg CaCO3).

Organic Chemistry

CHOC001 Preparation and purification through crystallization or distillation and ascertaining their purity through melting point or boiling point. i) Iodoform from ethanol (or acetone) ii) m-Dinitobenzene from nitrobenzene ( use 1:2 conc. HNO3- H2SO4 mixture if fuming HNO3 is not available.) iii) p- Bromoacetanilide from acetanilide. iv) Dibenzalacetone from acetone and benzaldehyde.

CHOC002 Preparation of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin (Bakelite).

CHOC003 Preparation of Urea-Formaldehyde Resin

CHOC004 To study the process of sublimation of camphor and phthalic acid.

General Chemistry

CHGC001 Identification of the properties of cathode rays.

CHGC002 Observing components of the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

CHGC003 Observation of the atomic spectrum of hydrogen.

CHGC004 Experimental determination of the molar volume of a gas.

CHGC005 Experimental determination of the relative atomic mass of magnesium.

CHGC006 Experimental comparison of enthalpy of dissolution.

CHGC007 Experimental determination of the enthalpy of neutralization of an acid/base.

CHGC008 Experimental determination of enthalpy of a displacement reaction.

CHGC009 Experimental verification of Hess’s law.

CHGC010 Comparison of the reactions of s and p block metals with water and acids.

CHGC011 Examination of the solubility of salts formed by s and p block elements.

CHGC012 Examination of the thermal stability of nitrates, carbonates and bicarbonates of s-block elements.

CHGC013 Preparation of allotropic forms of sulphur.

CHGC014 Preparation of sulphur dioxide and examination of its properties.

CHGC015 Preparation of chlorine and examination of the properties of halogens.

CHGC016 Identification of halides.

CHGC017 Observing the reactions of Copper (II) and Cobalt (II) salts with hydrochloric acid.

CHGC018 Observation of colours of manganese in oxidation states of +2, +4, +6 and +7.

CHGC019 Observing reactions of alkenes and alkynes.

CHGC020 Examination of the properties of phenol.

CHGC021 Tests for aldehydes and ketones.

CHGC022 Examination of the properties of carboxylic acids.

CHGC023 Experimental determination of the effect of concentration on the reaction between Mg and acids.

CHGC024 Experimental determination of the effect of concentration of reactants on the reaction between sodium thiosulphate and nitric acid.

CHGC025 Experimental determination of the effect of concentration of reactants on the reaction between iron (III) ions and potassium iodide.

CHGC026 Experimental study of the characteristics of a dynamic equilibrium using Fe3+/SCN- system.

CHGC027 Making different types of electrodes and measuring their electrode potentials using the potentiometer.

CHGC028 Measurement of the electromotive force of various cells using the potentiometer.

CHGC029 Comparison of efficiency of cells.

CHGC030 Experimental determination of the decomposition potential of simple electrolytes.

CHGC031 Preparation of hydrogen and oxygen gases using electrolysis of water.

CHGC032 Investigation into the corrosion of iron as an electrochemical process.

CHGC033 Electroplating with nickel and copper.

CHGC034 Tests for selected cations.

CHGC035 Tests for selected anions.

CHGC036 Recrystallization using pure solvents/solvent mixtures.

CHGC037 Experimental determination of the moisture content of a sample of food.

CHGC038 Determination of the stoichiometry of the reaction between barium chloride and sulphuric acid (Precipitation method).

CHGC039 Determination of the stoichiometry between salicylic acid and iron (III) ions (Colorimetry method).

CHGC040 Experimental determination of the concentration of a thiosulphate solution using potassium iodate.

CHGC041 Separation of components of chlorophyll using paper chromatography.

CHGC042 Experimental determination of the oxygen percentage in air by volume.

CHGC043 Physiochemical analysis kit for water samples.

CHGC044 Experimental determination of the alkalinity of a sample of water.

CHGC045 Experimental determination of the dissolved oxygen in a sample of water.

CHGC046 Experimental determination of the total dissolved solid (TDS) in a sample of water.