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Gunter Herrmann

1950 reported Günter Herrmann at his trade as a teaching tool manufacturer in Hofgeismar. Of wood, the first mathematical models of instruction were made ??by hand with coping saw and a file. After he took part with these first products already on the spring exhibition 1951 in Frankfurt, employees were hired after this exhibition. Thus, the range of programs could be expanded to more than 100 different items. Was then worked with the new plastic material, which was not processed like wood by hand at this time. Astralon plates were formed into boiling water and stained by dipping in acetone. Since up to this point, the range of products already included more than 500 articles, it was also necessary to grow the workforce to more than 20 people.

1956 involved the teaching materials factory Herrmann the premises at 27 Hollow Way, which were used to get the laundry and dyeing. Now here are the first plastic processing machinery could be purchased. This gave rise to the need to hire specialized employees for tool and mold making. According to the production philosophy of the time, the firm grew more and more to self-sufficiency. An in-house printing for the production of product catalogs as well as a proprietary Siebdruckerei advanced production skills considerably and made the operating independently of suppliers. Meanwhile, increased the number of molds produced in-house, so that the hand could be reduced still further at the individual product. End of the 70s, the workforce had grown to 36 employees. The unique quality of the products was already known at that time worldwide.