Name : Slide Projector
Cat. No : BICAA010
For 35mm film strips, 2 × 2 inch Kodachrome slides and microslides. All metal body. 1 : 2 : 8, F=100mm projection lens. 300W projection bulb. Electric motor with fan fitted below projection bulb for cooling, virtually noiseless, condenser lenses comprises 2 elements with 1 aspheric condenser to give a brilliant projection. Fitted with highly efficient heat absorbing glass filters. Filmstrip carrier is of latest improved design for safe, perfect and convenient operation. It has arrangement of projection films both in Cine and Leica size. Single frame and Double frame size. Filmstrip carrier can be fitted horizontally or vertically. Metallic carrier for 2 × 2 inch slides takes two at a time for interchanging conveniently and Micro slides attachment also included. Supplied with carrying cabinet.