Projection Microscope Model PM-99

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All microscopic slides become visible to the naked eye by taking the projection image on the screen, during demonstration to a group of students. This microscope is compact in design and can be easily operated for long duration. It provides distortion free high contrast magnified image. Body : Monocular straight fixed tube. Mechanical tube length 160mm ±1mm. Stage : Square fixed stage size 120 × 120mm fitted with graduated detachable mechanical stage for convenient slidemanipulation. Stand : Stable robust, aluminium Die-Cast parts. Nose Piece : Triple revolving nose piecewith positive centering and click stop. Focusing : By separate knobs for coarse and fine focusing. Course adjustment can bemade through rack -pinion and fine movement by screw-lever mechanism. Safety Device : Upper stopper for preventing accidental damage to slides. Condenser : Fixed built-in lamp NA0.65 Illumination : 20W Halogen bulb is providedwith solid state variable light control knob for adjusting the intensity of light, along with ON/OFF switch. Lamp slots are provided for natural cooling of the illuminator. Transformer is built in the base, operates on 220VAC, 50Hz. Screen : 150mm diameter ground glass projection screen is provided for trouble free viewing, rotatable onmicroscope tube in all directions. Accessories : Vinyl dust cover, duster, cleaning brush, and spare bulb. Packing : Inwooden case with lock and key. Objectives : Achromatic 5×, 10× and 20×. Eye Pieces : Huygenian 10× and 15×