Van De Graff Generator, Motor Driven, Small

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Useful for electrostatics experiments, where continuous source of high voltage is needed. A motor driven assembly encased in a sturdy metal box made of specially designed two part aluminium extrusion with insulated plastic side supports for safety. The motor driven lower roller rotates the upper roller assembly located on top of the insulated Perspex pipe through a removable flat rubber belt. The continuous rotation of rubber belt results in accumulation of charge on the one piece near spherical metallic dome, charge being transferred continuously from rubber belt through charge collecting combs. Specially designed dome, with smooth and polished surface free of any surface imperfections, and without any sharp corner or edge to minimize charge leakage. The motor operates on AC mains 220-240V, 50/60Hz, fused input through a 3-Core mains cable. Provided with indicator type ON/OFF switch. On bringing earthed discharge sphere, sufficiently close to the charged dome, transfer of charge from dome to the ground takes place in the form of electric spark jumping from dome to the discharge sphere. Under favourable conditions, it can develop electric potential upto 200kV, with a spark of upto 70mm length. 4mm socket terminal provided at the bottom for earthing and another 4mm insert on top of the dome for charge transfer or attaching accessories. Provides for necessary adjustment in all the critical components. Supplied complete with discharge sphere, mounted on a long insulated handle.